Human Resources

Social Resource

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility has become increasingly important to investors and consumers who seek investments that are not just profitable but also contribute to the welfare of society and the environment .
The company serve the staff where permanent and temporary workers in the company enjoy the advantages of social services.
The company management is supporting its workers by subsidies through the company Social Services Committee, which examines the applications and investigates disasters and emergency cases.
The company management contributes in reduction and support the cost of journeys and resorts for workers during summer and winter.
The company management organizes "Umrah" and "Hajj" journeys for its workers and it grants money for the worker who travels for the first time .
The company management organizes religious and sports competitions throughout the year to raise the worker's religious, cultural and sports awareness and it also offers prizes to workers sons of outstanding achievements.
The company management purchased a land area of 2471m2 from Port Said governorate for a sports club.
Donation to charitable associations i.e. (Kolob Mothmera association for the care of the blind, Malak El hares association for the care of the orphans, Bostan El Manar association for the care of the blind and those of special needs)

Training & Employment

As an organization, PSCCHC is passionate about its people especially in regards to creating employee satisfaction. However it does not only stop there as PSCCHC is not only centered to its employees but also the community surrounding the port. To-date, PSCCHC is proud to claim that one of its accomplishments is helping its employees and develop their skills and raise their efficiency to fulfill their targets in the most efficient way
Training for all employees of the company both in the field of his work to raise the efficiency by providing scientific training programs, seminars, conferences and workshops.
Supervision of summer training for students of colleges and institutes of various Egyptian universities.
Overseeing the training of the children of workers in all fields and disciplines.
Assistance in completing the stages of education for workers and provide technical assistance for workers enrolled in specialized colleges and graduate.

medical care

Plans with covid 19: we should consider and address the level(s) of risk associated with various worksites and job tasks workers perform at those sites. Such considerations may include:
■ Where, how, and to what sources of SARS-CoV-2 might workers be exposed, including:
The general public, customers, and coworkers; and Sick individuals or those at particularly high risk of infection (e.g., international travelers who have visited locations with widespread sustained (ongoing) COVID-19 transmission, healthcare workers who have had unprotected exposures to people known to have, or suspected of having, COVID-19).
■ Non-occupational risk factors at home and in community settings.
■ Workers’ individual risk factors (e.g., older age; presence of chronic medical conditions, including immunocompromising conditions; pregnancy).
■ Controls necessary to address those risks.


In the field of medical care: The company management has taken the following actions in the field of free health & medical care:-
  • Contracting with a group of outstanding doctors in various medical specialties in Port Said as medical consultants to the company in addition to the practitioners of the company.
  • Contracting with the best hospitals in Port Said.
  • Contracting with other hospitals outside Port Said for critical & emergency cases.
  • A system for family treatment of personnel at their own expense at affordable prices to ease the burdens on workers and their families in Port Said.
  • An equipped modern ambulance is available in addition to the existing car to transport patients & critical injuries in or out Port Said.