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12/8/2022 2:12:53 PM

An Expected Positive Impact on The stock exchange after Listing of PortSaid Container Handling Compnay

The Egyptian Stock Market announced the listing of PortSaid For Container and Cargo Handling company with a capital of 164.11 Million EGP,distributed on 32 Million share with a nominal value of 5 pounds per share.

Mr Ramy AL-Dokany,Chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, Confirmed that the current circumstances experienced by the Egyptian Stock Exchange are very suitable for resumption of the Government's proposal program, adding that the market is ready to recieve at least 4 or 5 proposals during the current period.

Experts believe that PortSaid Container Handling company is one of the largest shipping services companies and its evaluation will be with huge values,which can make new investment expansions in the company by increasing the capital when the trading on stock market begins.