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10/16/2022 9:54:13 AM

The Minister of Transport visits “PSCCHC”
The Lieutenant-General, Engineer / Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, accompanied by a delegation from the Ministry, visited West Port Said Container Terminal

He was received by Mr. Captain/ Tarek Shaheen, CEO and Managing Director about Port Said Container and Cargo Handling Company, Major General/ Adel El Ghadban, Governor of Port Said, Mr./ Walid Gamal El Din, President of the Suez Canal Economic Authority and Mr. Rear Admiral A.H/ Mohamed Braya, Vice President of the Economic Authority for the Northern Sector . The captain\ Tarek Shaheen gave brief history of the company since its establishment on July 31, 1984, as one of the important national companies operating the container terminal in Port Said west port .His Excellency the Minister of Transport ,witnessed the capabilities of the container terminal and development proposals. During the meeting, the Minister of Transport stressed that the maritime transport sector has great interest from the state and that investment opportunities are being presented to develop West Port Said container terminal in order to raise its efficiency and competitiveness to cope with the latest generation in the field of managing and operating container terminals.