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6/13/2022 12:52:11 PM

PSCCHC Renewed international certificates of occupational safety and health, quality management and environmental protection

The company renewed international compliance certificates in fields of quality management, safety, occupational health and environmental protection.

In the presence of the consulting company, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, and the donor company, Cass Cert International. The main system and a measurement for each system separately to ensure the final results and the success of the three systems in practical application. Commercial affairs, the General Administration of Safety, Quality, and Environmental Protection, and the General Administration of Training. The donor company, Cass Cert International, was attended and several meetings were held with representatives of the company and the consulting company, and the periodic inspection was carried out on the application of the three systems and to ensure that there were no cases of non-conformity that prevented the company from renewing the certificates, as the donor company expressed its appreciation for the accurate system The company operates through the application of the three systems with precision and high efficiency that appeared through the performance of the company's internal auditors. The awarding company issued its final decision after presenting the results of the inspection to the company (BQC ASSESSMENT PRIVATE LIMITED) New Delhi - India, which decided to grant Port Said Container and Cargo Handling the renewal of certificates after the approval of the headquarters in the United States of America (IES) In the field of occupational safety and health

ISO 45001:2018 In the field of quality management
ISO 9001:2015 In the field of environment
ISO 14001: 2015