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4/26/2020 1:07:38 PM

Precautionary measures taken by Port Said Container and Cargo Handling Company to confront emerging epidemic of Corona Virus (COVID-19)

In the framework of Corporate Social Responsibilities “CSR” of Port Said Container and Cargo Handling Company towards its employees in view of the urgent circumstances the world is witnessing due to the spread of Corona virus (COVID-19) and the efforts made by the state in all its sectors to spread awareness among citizens and the company's constructive role in this field making all possible efforts to implement the company's preparedness and emergency response plan and to take all precautionary measures moreover provide all necessary protective requirements to secure workers and spread awareness among them and to make periodic follow-up to monitor any developments in this regard and activate the role of the Safety and Health Committee.

The company is carrying out purification operations on regular basis, which includes spraying and sterilizing all sectors of the company and gatherings locations. The company is also keen to distribute guidelines to prevent from the virus at all the company's facilities.