Adding empty containers handling activity to Inland Depot (10th of Ramadan)__ Nov 2018
Port Said Container and Cargo Handling Co. successfully added empty containers activity to the inland depot activities that enabling to receive empty, import and export containers anl will give the Inland depot an additional important competitive advantage. This new addition shall serve the exporters and the factory owners in the industrial zone on 10th of Ramadan and reduce expenses of allocating containers and transport it from sea ports for packing and preparing for export. PSCCHC Chairman declared that this step is considered a remarkable step alongside the path to increase Inland depot activity and handling throughput moreover increasing our profits under skillful leadership of Adm. Mohammad Ibrahim Yousef chairman of HCMLT. Seizing this opportunity to address our profound thanks to the fruitful business with our company and the usual support rendered to West Port Said terminal wishing to maintain successful and prosperous.