PSCCHC keeps its terminal services tariff and gives some attractive features to its customers __ Aug 2017
On the occasion of the beginning of the new fiscal year and despite the economic conditions experienced by the country of high foreign exchange rates and high prices of fuel, energy and raw materials and the consequent rise in the prices of equipment and port services. In addition to fierce competition from neighboring terminals and low storage fees of containers in the private terminals outside the port. However PSCCHC management - after careful study of the shipping market and the surrounding circumstances that affect the pricing of container terminal services - decided the following:-
- Install some prices of handling categories and services in the company tariff.
- Maintaining the reduction rate granted to Egyptian export containers.
- Increasing free storage for import containers, local and foreign exports and moving some prices of storage categories.
- Reduction of some tariff items applicable at West Port Said Container Terminal customers.
- The new tariff will be effective from 1 August 2017.
This step is matching with the company's policy to maximizing its competitiveness capacity and to attract more shipping lines. Also to encourage its customers to continue dealing with West Port Said Container Terminal because of its unique location, flexibility and quality services provided to them.