How can I ship goods or belongings through PSCCHC?

Larger or commercial shipments: Find the country you are shipping to/from and determine which shipping lines serve that country, and contact their agents directly. Personal belongings: It is best to employ a freight forwarder to act as your agent and find you the best deal for ocean/road/rail transport.

Which ships are in port right now?

You can revise Berth Situation page from our website to check about the current status of berth quays online.

Where is my container?

Contact your agent or freight forwarder for the status of your shipment. If you are still unable to obtain this information, the terminal may be able to help you if your shipment has arrived in port. If you know the name of the ship and your container's identification number, and the ship is in port, the shipping line's agent may be able to help you.

How is PSCCHC important?

PSCCHC is an international port linked to more than 100 countries around the world. It handles about 900000 TEU (twenty-feet equivalent units, or containers) annually... PSCCHC serving such markets as North & South Europe, the Mediterranean and Far East market .

What is the PSCCHC economic impact?

PSCCHC enhances the competitiveness of exporters from Far East industrial heartland, and facilitates the supply of raw materials and all types of products to industry. PSCCHC supporting the national economy through achieving remarkable input to the national income annually, and creates direct and indirect jobs.

Is the port open in winter?

PSCCHC open 24 hour / 365 day per year.

Where can I find arrival and departure dates for ships at PSCCHC?

The client can find arrival and departure dates in seaway bill of lading and check with local agent or freight forwarder Or contact our control department in the terminal for any information about his shipment .

Where is the head office of PSCCHC?

Address : EGYPT, PORT SAID - Mostafa Kamel & Azmy Street , Port Said Port Authority Building, 6th Floor. P.O.BOX : 1239. BD CODE : CRP/25-8BWPIC TEL : 002-066-3237151 / 002-066-3235012 FAX : 002-066-3220419 For our full contact data click here please

Where can I find out more about the Suez Canal?

There is information about the Suez Canal on the Suez Canal Web site

What are the Container Specifications?

Dry Freight Containers

Type Height Material Tare Weight

Max* Cargo Cap (kg/lbs) Door Opening Interior Dimensions Interior Cube (m3/cft)
Width (mm/ft) Height (mm/ft)LengthWidth Height
20 ' 8'-6" Aluminium 1,630/3,594 18,690/41,204 2,343/7'8" 2,303/7'7" 5,933/19'6 2,399/7'10" 2,399/7'10" 33.2/1,172
8'-6" Steel 2,300/5,071 21,700/47,840 2,340/7'8" 2,280/7'6" 5,905/19'4 2,392/7'10" 2,392/7'10" 33.2/1,172

40 '

8'-6" Aluminium 2,640/5,820 27,840/61,377 2,343/7'8"2,283/7'6" 12,058/39'7" 2,343/7'8" 2,383/7'10" 67.3/2,376
8'-6" Steel 3,860/8,510 26,620/58,687 2,340/7'6" 2,280/7'6" 12,039/39'6" 2,350/7'9" 2,392/7'10" 67.7/2,390